Once upon a time 2 MILES FAR FROM THE ANCIENT AND CELEBRATED SATURNIA THERMAL BATHS , in the most precious and ancient heart of the Tuscan Maremma, the Fattoria Pianetti, an innovative agricultural firm for high quality farm holidays, has been recently established.

A result of a passionately accurate refurbishment and restoration, perfectly respectful to the surrounding countryside and its historical memory, the "Fattoria Pianetti" is open to its guests, offering to tourists an accomodation unique for its quantity and variety of facilities. In fact it opens two ancient farmhouses for farm holidays and, in the near future a golf course which, due to its location in the landscape and modern facilities, will be one of the most beautiful and technically modern in Italy. The "Fattoria Pianetti" covers an overall area of about 40 acres and is nestled among the meandering hills of the landscape, one of the most attractive spots on the Maremma, close to the Saturnia thermal baths and the medieval historical village of Montemerano.

A property originally owned by the Ciacci marquess, it has been an agricultural farm from 1971 to 1998, thus preserving its environmental quality. Its transformation into a tourist farm in 1998 included refurbishment of the ancient buildings true to the ancient character of the territory, which was once used as Ciacci's game preserve. Fulvio Bani's plan for a golf course, which follows the natural pattern of the landscape, will open in 2003. There will be no construction of any further buildings or artificial structures.

Moreover, the "Fattoria Pianetti" preserves its agricultural concept, with an additional high quality touch, such as biological produce and vineyards for such prestigious wines as Rosso di Sovana and Morellino di Scansano. On easter 2003 the first structure, "Le Fabbre", has been inaugurated, while the second one, "Fonte Cannella", has been inaugurated in autumn 2004.